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Cruise Calendar

Have you ever wondered exactly when in the year you can cruise to Alaska? Hawaii? Antarctica? Well, that's why we designed our Cruise Calendar. It shows you where you can vacation in upcoming months. Click on any green dot to see available cruise vacations for that month and area!

    Please note that our cruise database includes most, but not all, 1+ night sailings. To see which cruise lines are included, click here.

Alaska   May 2017 Alaska Cruises               
American Atlantic April 2017 American Atlantic Cruises June 2017 American Atlantic Cruises              
   Bermuda  April 2017 Bermuda Cruises                
   New England    June 2017 New England Cruises              
American PacificMarch 2017 American Pacific CruisesApril 2017 American Pacific CruisesMay 2017 American Pacific CruisesJune 2017 American Pacific CruisesJuly 2017 American Pacific CruisesAugust 2017 American Pacific CruisesSeptember 2017 American Pacific CruisesOctober 2017 American Pacific CruisesNovember 2017 American Pacific CruisesDecember 2017 American Pacific Cruises        
   Hawaii March 2017 Hawaii CruisesApril 2017 Hawaii CruisesMay 2017 Hawaii CruisesJune 2017 Hawaii CruisesJuly 2017 Hawaii CruisesAugust 2017 Hawaii CruisesSeptember 2017 Hawaii CruisesOctober 2017 Hawaii CruisesNovember 2017 Hawaii CruisesDecember 2017 Hawaii Cruises        
   Mexican Riviera March 2017 Mexican Riviera CruisesApril 2017 Mexican Riviera Cruises                
   West Coast March 2017 West Coast CruisesApril 2017 West Coast CruisesMay 2017 West Coast Cruises               
Asian PacificMarch 2017 Asian Pacific CruisesApril 2017 Asian Pacific CruisesMay 2017 Asian Pacific Cruises      December 2017 Asian Pacific Cruises        
   Australia March 2017 Australia CruisesApril 2017 Australia CruisesMay 2017 Australia Cruises               
   Orient March 2017 Orient CruisesApril 2017 Orient Cruises                
   South Pacific/Tahiti                   
   Southeast Asia March 2017 Southeast Asia Cruises        December 2017 Southeast Asia Cruises        
CaribbeanMarch 2017 Caribbean CruisesApril 2017 Caribbean CruisesMay 2017 Caribbean CruisesJune 2017 Caribbean CruisesJuly 2017 Caribbean CruisesAugust 2017 Caribbean CruisesSeptember 2017 Caribbean CruisesOctober 2017 Caribbean CruisesNovember 2017 Caribbean CruisesDecember 2017 Caribbean Cruises        
   Bahamas March 2017 Bahamas CruisesApril 2017 Bahamas CruisesMay 2017 Bahamas Cruises               
   Eastern March 2017 Eastern Caribbean CruisesApril 2017 Eastern Caribbean CruisesMay 2017 Eastern Caribbean Cruises     November 2017 Eastern Caribbean CruisesDecember 2017 Eastern Caribbean Cruises        
   Southern March 2017 Southern Caribbean CruisesApril 2017 Southern Caribbean Cruises       December 2017 Southern Caribbean Cruises        
   Western March 2017 Western Caribbean CruisesApril 2017 Western Caribbean CruisesMay 2017 Western Caribbean CruisesJune 2017 Western Caribbean CruisesJuly 2017 Western Caribbean CruisesAugust 2017 Western Caribbean CruisesSeptember 2017 Western Caribbean CruisesOctober 2017 Western Caribbean CruisesNovember 2017 Western Caribbean CruisesDecember 2017 Western Caribbean Cruises        
European Atlantic April 2017 European Atlantic CruisesMay 2017 European Atlantic CruisesJune 2017 European Atlantic CruisesJuly 2017 European Atlantic CruisesAugust 2017 European Atlantic CruisesSeptember 2017 European Atlantic CruisesOctober 2017 European Atlantic Cruises          
   Baltic   May 2017 Baltic CruisesJune 2017 Baltic CruisesJuly 2017 Baltic CruisesAugust 2017 Baltic Cruises            
   European Rivers                   
   North Cape  April 2017 North Cape CruisesMay 2017 North Cape CruisesJune 2017 North Cape CruisesJuly 2017 North Cape CruisesAugust 2017 North Cape CruisesSeptember 2017 North Cape Cruises           
   UK/European Coast    June 2017 UK/European Coast CruisesJuly 2017 UK/European Coast CruisesAugust 2017 UK/European Coast CruisesSeptember 2017 UK/European Coast CruisesOctober 2017 UK/European Coast Cruises          
MediterraneanMarch 2017 Mediterranean CruisesApril 2017 Mediterranean CruisesMay 2017 Mediterranean CruisesJune 2017 Mediterranean CruisesJuly 2017 Mediterranean CruisesAugust 2017 Mediterranean CruisesSeptember 2017 Mediterranean CruisesOctober 2017 Mediterranean CruisesNovember 2017 Mediterranean Cruises         
   Black Sea                   
   Canary Islands  April 2017 Canary Islands CruisesMay 2017 Canary Islands Cruises  August 2017 Canary Islands CruisesSeptember 2017 Canary Islands Cruises           
   Greek Isles March 2017 Greek Isles CruisesApril 2017 Greek Isles CruisesMay 2017 Greek Isles CruisesJune 2017 Greek Isles CruisesJuly 2017 Greek Isles CruisesAugust 2017 Greek Isles CruisesSeptember 2017 Greek Isles CruisesOctober 2017 Greek Isles Cruises          
   Holy Lands  April 2017 Holy Lands Cruises     October 2017 Holy Lands Cruises          
   Suez Canal March 2017 Suez Canal CruisesApril 2017 Suez Canal CruisesMay 2017 Suez Canal Cruises    October 2017 Suez Canal CruisesNovember 2017 Suez Canal Cruises         
   Western March 2017 Western Mediterranean CruisesApril 2017 Western Mediterranean CruisesMay 2017 Western Mediterranean CruisesJune 2017 Western Mediterranean CruisesJuly 2017 Western Mediterranean CruisesAugust 2017 Western Mediterranean CruisesSeptember 2017 Western Mediterranean CruisesOctober 2017 Western Mediterranean Cruises          
Panama CanalMarch 2017 Panama Canal CruisesApril 2017 Panama Canal CruisesMay 2017 Panama Canal Cruises               
   Eastbound March 2017 Eastbound Panama Canal CruisesApril 2017 Eastbound Panama Canal CruisesMay 2017 Eastbound Panama Canal Cruises               
   Partial March 2017 Partial Panama Canal CruisesApril 2017 Partial Panama Canal Cruises                
   Westbound  April 2017 Westbound Panama Canal Cruises                
South AmericaMarch 2017 South America CruisesApril 2017 South America CruisesMay 2017 South America CruisesJune 2017 South America CruisesJuly 2017 South America CruisesAugust 2017 South America CruisesSeptember 2017 South America CruisesOctober 2017 South America CruisesNovember 2017 South America CruisesDecember 2017 South America Cruises        
   Amazon River   May 2017 Amazon River Cruises               
   Coast March 2017 South American Rivers CruisesApril 2017 South American Rivers Cruises     October 2017 South American Rivers Cruises          
   Galapagos Islands March 2017 Galapagos Islands CruisesApril 2017 Galapagos Islands CruisesMay 2017 Galapagos Islands CruisesJune 2017 Galapagos Islands CruisesJuly 2017 Galapagos Islands CruisesAugust 2017 Galapagos Islands CruisesSeptember 2017 Galapagos Islands CruisesOctober 2017 Galapagos Islands CruisesNovember 2017 Galapagos Islands CruisesDecember 2017 Galapagos Islands Cruises        
Trans OceanMarch 2017 Trans Ocean CruisesApril 2017 Trans Ocean CruisesMay 2017 Trans Ocean Cruises    October 2017 Trans Ocean CruisesNovember 2017 Trans Ocean Cruises         
   Indian Ocean March 2017 Indian Ocean CruisesApril 2017 Indian Ocean Cruises      November 2017 Indian Ocean Cruises         
   Trans Atlantic Eastbound March 2017 Trans Atlantic Eastbound CruisesApril 2017 Trans Atlantic Eastbound CruisesMay 2017 Trans Atlantic Eastbound Cruises               
   Trans Atlantic Westbound  April 2017 Trans Atlantic Westbound CruisesMay 2017 Trans Atlantic Westbound Cruises    October 2017 Trans Atlantic Westbound CruisesNovember 2017 Trans Atlantic Westbound Cruises         
   Trans Pacific March 2017 Trans Pacific CruisesApril 2017 Trans Pacific CruisesMay 2017 Trans Pacific Cruises               
World Cruise March 2017 World Cruise CruisesApril 2017 World Cruise CruisesMay 2017 World Cruise Cruises               


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