Costa Cruise Line

Magnifico Italian-style cruising with passengers from around the globe

Costa Cruises. Costa's unique Italian-themed cruises offer an excellent, reasonably priced alternative to the "big names" in Caribbean and European cruising, on mid-size to large ships. Drawing its customer base from around the world, Costa delivers a more European cruise experience with its emphasis firmly in Italy. Understated, modern, almost Scandinavian decor on board eschews the neon, glitzy "theme park" look found on some other lines.  

Highlights. Costa is not kidding about its "Cruising Italian Style" theme! You may be greeted by a Buon Viaggio Celebration and bid farewell with a Bacchanal Parade. In between you might get to join a Roman toga party (sheets provided!), practice tossing pizza, and play bocce. Usually made fresh on board daily, Costa's pasta is plentiful and delicious at mealtime, complementing a continental menu. 

Who Loves Costa? If you're in the mood for Italian-style hospitality, and enjoy meeting people from around the globe, then you'll like Costa. On most sailings Costa offers a fun kids' program with morning, afternoon and evening events. Costa may not be the right choice for those who demand gourmet food or the ultimate in white-glove service.

Locations. Costa's ships primarily ply the waters of the Caribbean and Europe.

Competition. Compare to Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean.

Pricing. Brochure pricing starts at about $120 per day per person, including port charges, but excluding airfare.

More Information. Please remember that our prices will almost always be lower than those that you see on Costa's Web site.

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